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Volunteering Opportunities

Saturday Morning Work Parties

Each Saturday we meet at our barn in Cow Lane and head off into the water-meadows in three groups or more. There is a range of tasks on offer from heavy strength exercises to light, creative work. And as each week goes by we get to see the fruits of our labour take shape across the Meadows. Drop us a line through this web-site to find out more.

We are now also offering one hour sessions at the work parties for Duke of Edinburgh Award participants.

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Specialist Adviser Administration Volunteer Role

Interested in helping with the administration of our Volunteers? Please drop us a line!

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Find out more about Water-meadows, Chalk Streams and Trails in the local area

Water-meadows and other flood plain meadows 

Chalk streams

Local Trails Information

Salisbury (Hampshire Avon) - crown jewel of English rivers

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