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City To Countryside
Dog Trails Project

Our City to Countryside Dog Trails Leaflet funded by the Wiltshire Council Salisbury City Area Board is now available as a download below.


We have also completed the second City to Countryside Dog Trails project to develop welcoming and informative site information on the water meadows funded by Wiltshire Council Southern Area Board.


Dog owners are very welcome to exercise their pets in designated areas and trails we are establishing on the water meadows. Please keep dogs under close control and remove dog litter.

This year we have increased the area of the water meadows available for dog walkers. We will be further increasing the area of water meadows available to dog walkers and other visitors over the next few weeks and months. Most recently we have opened up Barn Field for dog exercise and begun to construct dog agility features. Dogs can have fun without disturbing wildlife in the river!


We are also encouraging the establishment of more dog-friendly places in the City and countryside of Salisbury and South Wiltshire through our Dog Trails Project

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