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On the 5th of March we carried out a nature and biodiversity survey. With binoculars at the ready, we began our search for signs of spring. Our first stop in barn field led us to a flock of Jackdaws perched on the cattle. We suspect they were gathering materials to build up their nests. Just after a refill of the bird feeders we payed a visit to Willow Copse in hopes of sighting some frogspawn. To our delight we sighted multiple clusters of freshly laid spawn already developing into clear jelly with black centres. If healthy we may be seeing some tadpoles in about a fortnight.

A stroll along Cow Lane highlighted the plethora of flora and fauna that can be found at the watermeadows. Primroses adourned Meadow Seat, their bloom indicating that spring is now upon us. While gazng upon these flowers the beautiful sound of the song thrush interuppted our tranquil morning on th water meadows. After recording our findings in the nature logs we rested out binoculars aside, in the hope we will continue to see many more beautiful scenes here at the Laverstock Water Meadows.

- Lucy and Anna (Work Party Volunteers)

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