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Meadows Day Diary Marker

Sparing a few of our Team's blushes here so mentioning no names but Art is a live and well on our Meadows.

From stunning acrylic paintings of butterflies and flowers to a wonderful pressed flower poster for our Meadows Day event on the 9th of July (10.30 to 12.30 for your diaries).

And then to top it all we actually had Bob Marley serenade us yesterday evening! OK, so it wasn't actually Bob Marley, but it was a very good cover band of him and the Wailers. There was something very magical about dancing along to "Three little birds" as dusk fell on the Watermeadows. It you missed it don't worry. My top three birds, singing with melodies pure and true, on the Meadows currently.

- After an absence of 15 years these musical maestros have returned - one singing by the school path and another near the river dipping platform in Barn Field.

- a bit like a Blackcap but so, so much richer. One singing in the old pollarded Willow by Boggy field. Best listened to lying on your back with your eyes shut on a sunny day.

- OK so it makes you jump, more AC/DC than the Wailers - but you've got to love it for sheer exuberance! By the dipping platform - don't fall in when it knocks out a riff..

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